Field Assessments: Quality Control in ZIMFETP

As part of the competency based training programme, residents spend 16 months in the field attached to a training site under the supervision of experienced mentors, most of which are also alumni of the programme. A field policy manual is used to guide residents on field activities and quarterly assessments are conducted by the health studies office to track the progress of each trainee. Weaker trainees are quickly identified and remedial action is taken to ensure quality of graduates is maintained.

In the picture L-R: Ms Tsitsi Juru (Senior Assistant Coordinator, ZIMFETP), Dr Simukai Zizhou (Provincial Medical Director, Mashonaland East province and site supervisor) and Dr Emmanuel Govha (2nd year resident) share a lighter moment during the second quarter field assessment.
In the picture: Mr Simbarashe Chiwanda (Assistant Field Coordinator) taking Mrs Tsitsi Kagodora, a second year resident through the project tracker during a field assessment
In the picture: Ms Tsitsi Juru (Senior Assistant Field Coordinator) taking Dr Shelton Kwiri, a second year resident through the field policy manual during his first assessment.