Inaugural Zimbabwe MPH-FETP virtual monthly seminar, 2020

Every last Friday of each month, the Zimbabwe MPH-FETP holds monthly seminars at the MoHCC headquarters where trainees present their findings to their colleagues, representatives from local universities, MoHCC, and civil society. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic control measures which include travel restrictions and social distancing, the program failed to conduct these seminars since February 2020. For the continuation of learning, the program, therefore, adopted the zoom virtual platform to conduct these seminars. The inaugural seminar was held on the 25th of August 2020 and the objectives were:

  • To provide trainees with a platform and opportunity to share their operational research findings and receive relevant comments to improve their research skills.
  • To assess trainees’ presentation skills.
  • To assess trainees progress in terms of their day to day activities and core activities for learning
  • To assess progress on classroom teaching for the first year trainees

The seminar was successful because we managed to start as scheduled. All participants who were willing to attend were allowed in by the host. The seminar was attended by 44 participants who include MoHCC managers, lecturers, FETP alumni and residents. All the 10 scheduled presentations were delivered within the stipulated time. All trainees managed to give feedback on their progress in class and the field.

PresenterTitle of presentation
1.Dr Gladys GombakombaEvaluation of Active TB Drug Safety Monitoring and Management program, Kwekwe District, Midlands Province, Zimbabwe, 2019.
2. Ms Fungai DubeEvaluation of Result Based Personnel Performance Management in Umzingwane district, 2019.
3.Dr Gladman MubonaniFactors associated with Contracting Malaria in Hoyuyu Settlement, Mutoko District 2020
4. Mr Courage MuwishiAn Evaluation of the Weekly Diseases Surveillance in Kadoma City 2020
5. Ms Eunnah Majuru
Trend Analysis of Maternal Deaths in Midlands province, Zimbabwe 2016-2019.
6. Dr. Samson PomoPERSUADE Project - Analysis of HIV program data for 2019.
7. Dr. Brian DhlandhlaraA comparative Evaluation of the Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Program, in children Under 5 years old who are contacts of Tuberculosis patients in Sanyati and Zvimba Districts, Zimbabwe, 2019.
8. Dr. Andrew MuzaEvaluation of the Transitioning from the Acceleration Phase to Sustainability in VMMC programming in Hwange district 2018 to 2019.
9. Dr Michelle GadzayiAssessing the Trend of Caesarean Section Deliveries in Makoni district, 2014 – 2018.
10.Mr Edias MandereEvaluation of Pharmacovigilance Surveillance System focusing on Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) in Goromonzi district, 2018.
11. All Part II & I ResidentsProgress reports on Core Activities for Learning.

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